Button Technology Explained

Button Technology Explained

The Button App provides an alternative to the traditional button push at pedestrian crossing boxes. Over 10% of the UK population (6.5 Million) have mobility impairments that could result in an inability to press or even find pedestrian crossing boxes and cross safely. The Button app allows the user to press the pedestrian crossing button with their phones. This prepares the user to find the safest place to cross.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

    The Button app uses BLE technology to allow users a simple communication between phone and pedestrian crossing box.

  • Cost Effective

    The cost of installation and maintenance is less than the initial installation of the crossing itself. For more on costing please “Contact Us”.

  • Getting People Moving

    The benefits of the Button app extend far beyond road safety. It allows those with mobility impairments to explore and interact with their community.

Council Enquiry

Request a Venue

Request Process

By simply filling out this online form you can submit to your local authority a request for installation. This is allow us to send the appropriate materials and set up a meeting time to display the product to local authorities.

  • Request Meeting

    You can request a meeting for your council directly through this form.

  • We Contact Your Council

    Upon request we approach the council and show them the benefits of increased accessibility through our Button technology.

  • Stay Informed

    Neatebox will email you when your request has been processed. You will be notified throughout the process to keep you informed.

Case Studies

Case Studies

LJ Research

“The research was conducted by Lynn Jones Research on usability and user research to assess how easy or difficult it was for people with visual or mobility impairment to cross a street using the Neatebox app compared to doing so without the app. The user research also highlights and summarises the various painpoints these…”

Read More LJ Research Case Study


“The second edition of the Institution of Engineering and Technology an ITS United Kingdom Local Authority Guide to Emerging Transport Technology. This Guide is intended to assist local government officers, elected members and those working with local government to understand some of the challenges and opportunities that authorities will face in coming years in delivering local transport and highway services.

Read More IET & ITS Case Study

Largs Smart Town

Coming Fall 2017

Button Benefits

Button Benefits

The Button app by Neatebox provides social and economic benefit in the communities where it is installed. Individuals with mobility impairments account for over 6.5 million UK citizens. Therefore, 10% of your local council may need this type of technology. By assisting people to travel out of their homes with confidence you can increase the productivity and earning of local shops and stores. Here are some more quick benefits to Button:

Benefit of Movement

The Button app tracks journeys through the city via pedestrian crossings. With this data a council could better spend their money, improve infrastructure and accessibility.

Direct Line to Users

After many years working with organisations and charities in the UK, Neatebox has built up a strong network of experts in the field of accessibility and transport. This knowledge comes along with every council project we undertake.

Getting People to Work

In accordance with the 2010 Equality Act the UK Government initiatives are trying to provide accessibile communtes for those with mobility impairments travelling to work. One of the most important parts of this is accessible work places. Button provides a solution that can be implimented in busy downtown area to increase the confidence of these potential employees when engaging with transport.

Community Awareness for Access

By joining the Neatebox Button community we promote you as a leader in the field of accessibility, inclusion and adopting assistive technology for the betterment of community. Bringing your Council forward in terms of equal rights for all citizens.

Who needs this?

Who Needs This?

  • Visually Impaired

  • Long cane users

  • Guide Dog Users

  • Mobility Impaired

  • Temporary Impairement

  • Tech-savy Commuters

Still Have Questions?

Still Have Questions?

At Neatebox we want to provide you with the best customer experience. This means providing communication options that work for everyone. If you need help with the app download, app install or usage of any app then feel free to use any of the sources below.

Why Contact Us?

  • Downloading the app?

    We can help you choose the device and app store that will give you the download. We can also help with troubleshooting of device compatibility.

  • In App Navigation

    Our app has been designed to be fully accessible; however, even then we know that navigation can require some advice. We are here for that too.

  • Anything Else?

    We are here for you. We will try our best to solve any customer service problem you may have. First read the FAQ’s and if nothing applies then please contact our customer service department and we will get back to you.

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