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Learn About the Royal Mile

Learn the Royal Mile

Pirries Close

“on a cold November night back in 1861, a noise like thunder filled the air, soon replaced by screaming… for days and days they toiled, moving the stones from neighbour to neighbour, with their bare hands. it was just as they were ending their last day of search, all hope gone, when a faint voice cried out “heave away lads, i’m no dead yet!(”)” learn the amazing story of wee joseph mcivor with our Edinburgh up close app. download the app from the apple store today for free! “

The Peoples Story

“the people’s story museum is housed in what used to be the Canongate tolbooth… this museum is the place to come if you want to find out more about what life was like through the centuries for the ordinary folk of Edinburgh and the Canongate…. the museum takes us through more recent times too: political protests, the rise of trade unions and the crusade of religious groups against the demon drink.”

Playhouse Close

“It was common at that time for riots to break out in theatres when audiences became over-excited. people didn’t form an orderly queue in those days, so there was often a rush for the cheap bench seats in the pits that could result in fights, then escalate. or perhaps an actor’s performance was disliked, which could result in rotten fruit, bottles and other missiles being thrown at the stage.”

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Request Explore

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The same technology that was applied to the Royal Mile tourist attraction can be applied to your tourist venue. With our Bluetooth technology and Explore app your venue can have an accessible tour. Explore specialised stories without the need for wifi after you download the app, opening the possibilities of smart tourism.

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    We love to hear from tourist organisations and tourists alike. If you would like Explore in your venue or you know of one that could benefit then please follow the contact us link in the menu

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    After a walkthrough and a consultation, we will come up with a creative unique solution for your venue.

  • Is My Venue Right?

    The simplest way to know is to contact us. In most cases where the Explore app wont work the “Welcome app” will. To enquire about either be sure to contact

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Still Have Questions?

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